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Emergency Call Out

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All of the electrical work we do is guaranteed, we have worked hard to build a reputation on being a reliable and trustworthy electrical contractor so why not contact us for a free no-obligation quote for your electrical needs and requirements?


Here at JLX Electrical we understand that electrical faults can develop slowly over time but we know that sometimes they can happen in a split second. From experience we have learnt that there is never really a good time for electrical faults to happen and more often than not electrical faults will happen at the worst possible times.

If you notice that your lights are beginning to flicker when you turn them on, they flicker on and off when in use, you find your circuit breakers are tripping, switches and / or plugs feel warm when you touch them, you can hear crackling sounds coming from sockets or switches or is you can smell overheated Bakelite then you need to call us in on an emergency call out, sooner rather than later.

Our emergency electrical engineers here at JLX Electrical are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to come and help you with your electrical emergency. Electricity can be dangerous so by calling our emergency line we will assess the situation over the phone and provide immediate advice or an electric engineer if required.

It is important to understand how dangerous electricity can be, overheated cables can start fires. It is important you do not push the breaker ‘up’ if it has a fault or keeps tripping; it is often a fault somewhere down the line which has caused your supply to disconnect. It is so important that you do not risk the health and safety of you, your family or other people in the property. When it comes to electrical faults it is highly recommended you call in the experts.

All of the electrical work completed through JLX Electrical is completed by approved and professional electrical engineers, all the work they do complies with the current regulations and if new installations are required we will provide you with the relevant certificates on completion.

Put our number in your phone now, so when you do have an electrical emergency you know who to call!