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Here at JLX Consultancy Limited the champagne corks are being popped, the bubbles are flowing and the glasses and chinking because we have achieved four stars (the highest possible star rating in afirst audit) in our RISQS Audit, Suppliers Number: 179256.


In the initial assessment we have demonstrate to the auditor that we were able to work to the strict standards that the Rail Industry demands. RISQS supports Network Rail, LUL (also known as Transport for London), passenger, light rail and freight train operators, rolling stock organisations, main infrastructure contractors and other rail products and service providers in the management of supply chain risk.


The RISQS Audit is an assessment of a company’s Management Systems and procedures. Further to our hugely successful RISQS audit which we feel is a fantastic achievement and something we are extremely proud of, we expect that this will continue to allow us to be open to new and exciting opportunities for our company.


Managing Director, John Ellis made the following comment, further to passing our RISQS Audit and getting four stars;


“We are delighted to have passed our first RISQS Audit in such a manner , the auditor was extremely pleased with our work ethic and management system we have in place awarding us 4 Stars (the highest level attainable) with no major or minor non-conformities.


I look to the future very positively and I am very happy that JLX can now provide this added assurance to all our clients and customers that we have the correct systems in place for providing a truly professional service”


The RISQS (Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) is a single entry point for organisations to supply products and services to over one hundred buying organisations from the rail industry; this is a huge opportunity for us.


As a company we are constantly striving to achieve the highest standards for our clients and further to passing this audit with 4 stars we will continue exceeding client expectations and achieving all objectives that we set out in each of our compliant and procedure policies.


If you are a buyer in the rail industry and you would like to know more about how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team.

NICEIC Enrolment Number: 0302290

Insurance Policy Number : GQ63800/400007

JLX Consultancy Ltd Thrilled To Pas Achilles RISQS Audit


30th September 2015  |  Posted by Ian Bridgestock

Here at JLX Consultants Limited we are proud to say that we have been awarded five stars in the RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) audit (formerly Link-up).


This 5 Star Rating that we received is the highest possible score achievable and demonstrates that our company works to the high standards that are put into place by covering and making sure that company’s business management system meets the health, safety, operational and competence standards required for working in the rail environment. We pride ourselves on the high level of workmanship that we can offer throughout our services- we plan of maintaining this rating for many years to come.


From our team here at JLX Managing Director  we would like to thank our dedicated team of experts and professionals that always manage to deliver the high standard of  workmanship we are renowned for. we would also like to thank them in this great achievement that took place over a 2-day audit because it involved stringent scrutiny of JLX management systems and policies that they managed very well.


‘I am delighted in the outcome of this audit which demonstrates our understanding and robust processes and procedures for the management of health, safety and environmental standards whilst working on the rail network’

JLX have been awarded five stars in the RISQS

16th September 2016  |  Posted by JLX